Main Topics

Presentations can be in oral and/or poster forms. The presentations will be followed by technical tour arranged in Addis Ababa city and to the rural sites of the country to have much closer look into the beekeeping in Ethiopia and learn from the existing situations. The following topics can be considered focus points for the presentation

Topic 1: Pollination and food production
- Addressing the food supply gap through better pollination of crops (including model calculations of how food production can be improved by better pollination)
- Potential of beekeeping and insect pollination for food production: global impact of pollinators on Food production
- Role of pollination in better seed production & germination improvement
- Commercialization of pollination for enhanced food production and for protection of honeybee pollinators
- Other related titles

Topic 2: Threats to pollinators or to their performance
- Threat to pollinators and food production by anthropogenic disturbances: environment, chemicals, GMOs; and by diseases, parasites etc.
- Environmental health, bee health, pollination and food production
- Social & institutional factors for apiculture value chain promotion
- Poor technology transfer and apiary management - Other related titles

Topic 3: Environmental  services & climate change
- Insect pollinators for Ecosystem Services - the challenges
- The role of Beekeeping in Environmental natural resources conservation and sustainable development
- Pollination services for improved seed production and germination
- Other related titles

Topic 4: Commercialization and Transformation of Beekeeping

- Contributions of Beekeeping in poverty reduction
- Improved apiary management for better utilization of bee potential (better income)
- Intensification and diversification of hive products for better income and livelihood
- Beekeeping for youth employment and for women economic empowerment
- Pollination for animal feed production
- Other related titles

Apimondia Symposium 2018, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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